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EV Charging Solution

TurboEVC 30kW Electric Vehicle Charger

Level 3 DC Fast Charging

With the next level of DC fast charging technology, you can drive more traffic to your property. This is because TurboEVC has industry-leading capabilities that are ready for today’s electric vehicles and will be able satisfy even greater needs tomorrow!

National EV’s TurboEVC Level 3 DC fast chargers are perfect for applications needing to serve the public and fleets, including cars or buses. These high-powered units can charge two electric vehicles at once with their 30kW capability! They’re also ideal if you want a location that offers convenient recharging options like convenience stores–and logistics companies who need enough power when delivering goods around town .

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    • Ultra-fast DC charging units with IP55 protection and IK10 vandal-proof casing.

    • Multi-standard: CCS1 & CHAdeMO.

    • Network or standalone operation.

    • 7” LCD screen with user-friendly interface.

    • Secure RFID or mobile app authentication what allows easy access for EV drivers.

    • Supports smart charging and load balancing.

    • OCPP 1.6 JSON compliant

    • Dimensions: 28 in. x 13 in. x 71 in.

    • Net Weight: ≤518 lbs. ±1%

    • CHAdeMO compliant high-power charger connectors standard.

    • Cable Length: 13 ft. Standard; 23 ft. optional.

    • Cable management system provides the appropriate reach while keeping cables off the ground in between use.

    • 480VAC Three Phase; 50Hz/60Hz.

    • PF: >0.99 (APFC)Efficiency ≥ 94%

    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to +122°F).

    • Interface: RFID supports ISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO/IEC 15693, FeliCa™ Lite-S, OCPP, 2D barcode, APP, & mobile payment.

    • External: Ethernet, 4G, and Wi-Fi

    • Optional OCPP-compliant back-end management software available (consult factory).

    • Pedestal mount only. Consult factory for more information on installation.

    • Backed by National EV’s Three-Year Warranty

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