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September 17, 2023

How DC Fast Chargers Can Enhance the Experience of Retail, Stadium, and Arena Visitors

Offering EV DC fast chargers at retail shops or sports arenas demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. At the same time, it helps attract visitors who may otherwise stay home or choose another method of transportation.

Day by day, more people are switching to electric vehicles for a better experience. Undoubtedly, EVs are convenient and a safer mode of transportation both for the environment and the user’s pocket. As the number of EVs increases, the demand for DC fast chargers also increases globally. All EV owners must ensure the presence of an EV charger first before heading to a place. Adopting EV chargers in public places, including retail, stadiums, and arenas, is essential. Here is a blog elaborating on how DC fast chargers can enhance the experience of retail, stadium, and arena visitors.

5 Advantages Of Incorporating EV Charging Stations At Retail, Stadium, And Arena

Advantages of EV charging stations

Here are the benefits of incorporating EV charging stations at retail, stadium, and arena. Also, learn how these advantages can enhance the experience of visitors.

1. An easy way of time-management

We know that electric vehicle charging can be time-consuming. Even the fast DC charges take up to an hour to completely charge a vehicle. Thus, visitors can easily save time when they find an electric charging station in public places like retail, stadiums, and arenas. They can charge their EV while enjoying their match at the stadium or picking up groceries from the retail unit.

2. Meet unforeseen happening

Picture yourself in this scenario: you are driving an EV to another town for an important task. And, midway, your battery turns down in the exterior of the town, where the only place you can spot is a sports arena. Now, what will you do? This might turn into the most frustrating moment of your life. But imagine the sports arena supports DC fast chargers. It will immediately turn into your saviour. You can quickly charge your EV and drive to your dream destination.

3. Improve the sales of the business owners

Also, an EV charging station can do miracles on sales for retail, stadium, and arena owners. Do you own a retail store or a sports arena? Imagine how effectively it can elevate your visitor’s experience if it supports EV DC fast charging. Your visitors can charge their EVs while enjoying matches or picking up groceries. Think about it twice. It demonstrates your commitment towards sustainability and increases your sales better than before, as this will make every EV driver and rider choose your place over others.

4. Enhancing dwell time

Visitors often leave a match or shop in between to find a charging station to charge their EVs. But when visitors know they can conveniently charge their EVs at your venue, they are more likely to extend their stay. This increased “dwell time” can lead to higher spending on retail goods or concessions in stadiums and arenas. It allows businesses to engage visitors for longer, potentially increasing sales and revenue.

5. A Green and sustainable initiative

Besides, incorporating EV charging stations at retail, stadiums, and arenas is a green and sustainable initiative. When the visitors see the healthy impact of driving an EV via a charging station. There is a high chance that they might think of investing in EVs soon. Thus contributing to their role as green energy leaders.

National EV: Find the Fast and Smart EV Chargers

Fast and Smart EV Chargers

Now that we know the importance of EV DC fast chargers for important public places, including retail, stadium, and arena. The next question that popped into our minds is where to find reliable and fast EV DC chargers. Sit back and trust the most reputed name in the industry, National EV.

Here are the unique KPIs of National EV charging stations:

  • Multi-plug support
  • Quick installation
  • Support fleet charging
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Ultra-fast charging

Learn about the incredible Mac Haik project from National EV.

A Way Forward

Thus, incorporating EV DC fast chargers in public spaces such as retail stores, stadiums, and arenas represents a forward-thinking commitment to sustainability and convenience. It has the potential to enhance the overall experience of your visitors. Beyond the convenience of saving time and providing a lifeline in unforeseen situations, these chargers offer businesses a competitive edge by boosting sales and prolonging visitor dwell time. Further, when it comes to embracing the reliable EV charging station. National EV is your trusted name, making it a key player in shaping a more sustainable future.

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