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DT Series – 240kW

Level 3 All-in-one DC Charger

Our DT series charging station boasts a 21.5-inch display and a sunlight-readable touchscreen. The Adjustable Cable Arm System extends effortlessly, complemented by a sleek design with trendy star lights and a 3-color indicator. This high-power machine, with a standalone body, ensures cost-effective installation and supports ultra-fast 240kW charging.


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Product Specifications

  • Dimension (W×D×H): 800 x 660 x 2200 mm
  • Weight: ≤500 kg ±3% (Dispenser)
  • Cable Length: Liquid cooling charging gun Support 4.5m/6m , configuration of other guns is 5m/7m
  • Input Rating: 380~415 Vac (±15%)

  • Electrical Distribution: 3P+ N+ PE (Wye configuration) ,TN/TT

  • Max. Input Current: 460A

  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

  • Power Factor: >0.99, at full load

  • Efficiency: >94%, at Optimize V/I Point

  • Output Voltage Range: CCS2:150~950Vdc CHAdeMO:150~500Vdc GBT:150~750Vdc

  • Max. Output Current: CCS2 : 500A@480Vdc CHAdeMO : 200A@500Vdc GBT : 250A@750Vdc

  • Max. Output Power: DC 240kW

  • Voltage Accuracy: ±2%

  • Current Accuracy: ±2%

  • Meter: AC MID Meter (with CE), DC PTB Meter

  • Certification: IEC 61851 -1IEC 61851-23 IEC 61851-21-2

  • Charging Interface: CHAdeMO V1.2DIN 70121ISO15118 GB/T 27930



Gas Station

Parking Facilities


National EV Driver Experience Network Advantage

Our EV charging solution includes a mobile app with a user interface, along with central office and cloud-based platforms for management, payment, and monitoring.

Mobile App: Allows users to easily locate, schedule, and monitor charging sessions.

HMI Interface: Provides interactive charging instructions and supports diverse payments at stations.

Remote Monitoring: Lets operators remotely check charger status, perform updates, and conduct maintenance.

Data Analysis: Facilitates the collection and analysis of charging behavior and battery usage data, promoting collaboration with automakers.

Advertisement Broadcasting: Operators can generate revenue by broadcasting multimedia advertisements on the charging stations.

Video Cameras for Monitoring: Installation of video cameras supports remote monitoring and community crime prevention initiatives.


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