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September 17, 2023

How Commercial Level 3 Charging Stations Can Boost Your Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Since the sales of EVs are rapidly growing every day, EV charging stations create lucrative business opportunities for every business.

Are you searching for an efficient way to boost your revenue and enhance customer satisfaction? Worry less. Why don’t you establish commercial level 3 charging stations on your property? In 2022, the EV market witnessed an amazing hike, selling 7.8 million electric vehicles.

The stat shows how we need to develop EV infrastructure as well to meet the growing demands of the population. Thus, establishing commercial level 3 charging stations is a long-term and profitable investment.

But first, what is a commercial level 3 charging station?

The commercial level 3 charging stations are EV chargers that can deliver charging power ranging from 30 kW to 360 kW. This high power level is specially designed for business and commercial uses and allows for rapid charging of electric vehicles. Further, the commercial level 3 charging stations are designed to function within a range of temperatures, humidity levels, and altitudes. The enclosure protects against environmental factors.

How can commercial level 3 charging stations boost your revenue and customer satisfaction?

Here are the ways by which establishing commercial level 3 charging stations can take your business to the next level.

Expand the visitor’s foot traffic

Electric vehicle owners usually choose locations equipped with EV chargers. This helps them to charge the EV before embarking on a further journey. By establishing commercial level 3 chargers, you can easily attract customers who drive EVs. Thus increasing the visitor’s foot traffic and potential sales for your business.

Earn the customer for lifetime

Have you heard of customer loyalty? Establishing EV charging stations at your commercial stations helps you to earn a loyal customer base. When customers know that they can conveniently charge EVs at your commercial building, they are more likely to return to your commercial place next time.

Significantly impact dwell time

We know that charging an EV takes up to an hour. Thus, when your customers charge their EVs, they have to wait until their vehicles are fully charged. And they are most likely to spend time at your commercial establishments. Thus increasing the dwell timings of your visitors. This will ultimately increase the chances of potential sales of your products and services.

Earn extra revenue from charging fees

Apart from customer loyalty, the commercial level 3 charging stations also help you earn extra revenue. You can fairly charge your customers the EV charging fees. It can generate your secondary revenue. Further, you can utilize this part of your additional income to offset the installation and maintenance costs.

Build your brand as a green leader

Global warming and pollution are growing each and every day. Thus, we must contribute our role to save the environment. The EVs reduce around 50 to 70 per cent of carbon equivalents. Thus, establishing commercial EV chargers in your commercial space indirectly contributes to preserving the Earth.

Unlock incredible partnership opportunities

By offering Level 3 charging, you open up opportunities for partnerships with other businesses or EV-related organizations. To establish commercial EV charging stations, you can collaborate with National EV. Further, you can collaborate on promotions, events, or exclusive deals, increasing your revenue potential.

Shield your business’s future

In the coming years, the EV industry is believed to bloom like none before. As the automotive market shifts toward electric vehicles, installing Level 3 chargers positions your business for the future. You’ll be ahead of the curve, ensuring your services remain relevant and in demand.

To learn more about EV charging stations, watch this video.

Find the best-selling commercial level 3 charging stations

EV chargers

Now that you know the advantages of EV charging stations, you might be searching for the best and most reliable commercial level 3 charging stations. National EV is committed to providing quality commercial level 3 charging stations. Here are National EV’s features that set it apart from its competitors.

  • National EV offers a range of EV charging solutions, including Level 2 AC chargers, Level 3 Ultra-Fast DC chargers, and chargers with LCD screens.
  • They offer a comprehensive range of services, from installation to the maintenance of the EV chargers
  • Cherry on the top, National EV offers a five-year warranty on the EV commercial level 3 charging stations.
  • With the multi-plug feature, these EV chargers support fleet charging.

In conclusion, integrating commercial Level 3 charging stations into your business strategy can prove to be a game-changer. The soaring popularity of electric vehicles underlines the necessity for expanding EV infrastructure. National EV stands out as a reliable choice if you’re considering the best commercial Level 3 charging stations. Establish an EV charging station in your commercial space today and take your first step as a green leader.

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