Add an EV Charging as a Service to Your Commercial Property

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Who are our charging stations
available for?


Series 5 – Personal EV Charging Station

Regardless of whether you need to add only a couple of car charging stations or an entire network of EV stations to your property, NationalEV makes it simple to offer this powerful service for your tenants.

If you’d like to learn more about installing electric car charging stations for condos and apartments, we’re here to assist you.


Series 6 Shared – Commercial EV Charging Station

Designed for commercial applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, retail, and the public sector.

A turnkey solution that adds charging as service and/or as an amenity. Shared is the most flexible and allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates.

What advantages will you get
when using our EV Chargers?

1 Manage station access

Restrict charging to just your members, or open it up to the public.

2 Set pricing plans

Want to charge by time of day or the amount of time that a car is plugged in? You can do that!

3 View reports

See who’s plugged in and how long they’ve been charging, your costs and revenue, energy consumption, and more.

EV Chargers Image

4 NationalEV mobile app

Available for iOS and Android

5 Mapping tools

Drivers can check station locations, availability, and pricing before they drive up

6 Real-time charging status

Drivers can check the Driver Dashboard and set notifications so they know exactly when to unplug

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Electric Vehicles are here!

With several new models debuting for the 2019 model year offering extended operating ranges and affordable sticker prices, there has never been a better time to own an electric-powered vehicle. While they still account for a razor-thin percentage of all new-vehicle sales in the U.S., there’s still a compelling case to be made for consumers to consider a full-electric model as their next mode of transportation.


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