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What is a Feasibility Study and what can you expect?

Expanding EV charging networks is essential for sustainable transportation, with feasibility studies ensuring efficiency. National EV’s software offers detailed studies and ROI projections, streamlining the expansion process. This approach enhances planning, supporting a greener mobility future.

Feasibility Study Contents:

  • The utilization report creates an overview of forecasting EV charger utilization and path to profitability.


  • Financial forecasting in the decision-making process for site selection, site design, and equipment procurement.
  • An electrical load analysis is a survey conducted on your electrical distribution system.


  • By performing a load analysis, we will ensure that the electrical system is properly balanced and not overloaded in any way.
  • Our team will create a one-line as this is a necessary component to illustrate the system design.


  • How it facilitates understanding of the electrical infrastructure needed for EV chargers.
  • Guidance on selecting the appropriate level of EV charger (Level 2 or DC Fast Charging) based on site analysis, power availability and utilization forecasts.


  • Recommendations on charger output to meet current and anticipated demand.
  • Provide a 2D site design of EV and electrical infrastructure, including


  • Site design will include considerations for accessibility, safety, scalability, and cost.
  • Initial meeting with local power utility to assess power availability and determine a path forward to support the desired EV charging infrastructure.


  • Define steps to coordinate with utilities to enhance power supply to support EV charging stations.

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Collaborating with National EV for your Feasibility Study is an effortless and direct approach. Receive your Feasibility Study through four straightforward steps.

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How it Works

Working with National EV for your Study is easy and direct. Get your Study in four simple steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A feasibility study for EV charging stations assesses the viability of installing charging infrastructure at a specific location. It examines factors like site suitability, power availability, installation costs, potential demand, and environmental impact to ensure a successful project.

It identifies potential challenges, estimates financial costs and returns, and evaluates infrastructure needs. This preparation minimizes risks, maximizes efficiency, and ensures the project aligns with business goals and sustainability objectives.

National EV’s software automates data analysis, providing accurate forecasts, cost estimates, and ROI projections. It leverages real-world data and predictive analytics to offer insights, making the decision-making process more informed and efficient.

You’ll need to provide details about the proposed location(s), expected usage patterns, existing electrical infrastructure, and any specific goals or constraints related to the project.

Typically, a feasibility study can be completed within 4 weeks, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Larger or more complex installations may require additional time for thorough analysis.

Yes, a feasibility study can evaluate multiple sites simultaneously. However, each location is assessed individually to ensure specific characteristics and needs are accurately addressed.

National EV’s approach combines cutting-edge software with expert analysis to deliver comprehensive, data-driven insights. Our methodology focuses on practical solutions and sustainable outcomes, distinguishing our studies from others.

The cost varies based on the project’s scale and complexity. National EV provides personalized quotes based on specific project needs and scope.

Following the study, we provide a detailed report and recommendations. The next steps include discussing implementation strategies, exploring financing options, and planning the project timeline for installation and operation.

Businesses, municipalities, property developers, and investors interested in promoting EV adoption and sustainability should consider a feasibility study. It’s ideal for anyone looking to invest in EV infrastructure efficiently and effectively.