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Mac Haik Case Study

12 Site Multi-Location EV Installation

About the Company

Mac Haik is a leading Texas-based automotive dealership group known for its diverse vehicle offerings and excellent customer service. Committed to innovation and sustainability, Mac Haik has expanded into the electric vehicle market by installing advanced EV charging infrastructure, supporting the growing demand for electric vehicles and a greener future.

Project Highlights

12 Texas EV Installations
  1. Ford Victoria
  2. Ford Houston
  3. Ford Pasadena
  4. Chevrolet Houston
  5. PDI Lot Houston
  6. Toyota League City
  7. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Houston
  8. Ford San Antonio
  9. Ford San Antonio
  10. Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram Georgetown
  11. Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram Temple
  12. Ford Desoto
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:

Mac Haik Dealerships, Service Centers & Parking Lot


Expand Infrastructure
Enhance Convenience
Optimize Management
Ensure Compliance
Support Sustainability
Total Investment: $5M+ Tax Benefit: 30%

Project Execution

Phases of an EV Installation Project

Phase 1
Identification & Solution Proposal
Phase 2
Planning and Coordination
Phase 3
Phase 4
Technology Integration

Phase 1: Identification and Solution Proposal

Identify Objectives

As the EV industry grows and car manufacturers add more EVs to their lineups, dealerships face the challenge of establishing sufficient charging infrastructure to ensure a positive customer experience for sales and rentals.

  1. Limited Charging Options
  2. Inadequate Power Supply
  3. Complex Installation
  4. Customer Experience


National EV’s Turnkey Services
National EV provided a comprehensive solution:

  1. Site Evaluation and Planning
  2. Utility Coordination for Power Upgrades
  3. Permitting
  4. Charger Installation
  5. Technology Integration
  6. Expert team to oversee the entire process
  7. Vehicle Manufacture’s Approval

Phase 2: Planning and Coordination

Expand Infrastructure:
Enhance Convenience:
Site Evaluation:
Ensure Compliance:
Power Coordination:
Optimize Management:

Phase 3: Implementation

Team Involved

During the Implementation and Deployment phase, the project focused on the installation of 30 Level 3 and 50 Level 2 chargers at the designated sites. This involved careful planning and execution to ensure that all chargers were correctly installed and operational. Permitting management was also a crucial task, requiring the securing of necessary permits and compliance with local regulations to avoid any legal or operational issues. The dedicated team leading this phase included Joshua Pitts as the sales director, Kevin as the project manager, and Kalash as the sales engineer. Their combined expertise ensured a smooth and efficient deployment of the charging infrastructure.

DS 180kW
Level 3
EV Chargers
AX Series 80A
Level 2
EV Chargers

Kevin Dean

Project Manager

Joshua Pitts

Sales Director

Kalash Kanojia

Sales Engineer

Phase 4: Technology

Software Integration: Implement EV Connect software for efficient management and enhanced user experience

Ford, Stellantis & GM Corporate Approval and Recognition

Ford, Stellantis and GM Corporate has approved National EV as the installer for multi-location projects throughout Texas, endorsing the quality and reliability of their services.

Outcome & Benefits


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