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EV Charging for Auto Dealerships

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Turnkey EV charging solutions in the USA.

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Optimal chargers for Dealership

D0 Series - 360 kW

AX80 Series

DS180 Series

National EV Driver Experience Network Advantage

Our EV charging solution includes a mobile app with a user interface, along with central office and cloud-based platforms for management, payment, and monitoring.

Mobile App: Allows users to easily locate, schedule, and monitor charging sessions.

HMI Interface: Provides interactive charging instructions and supports diverse payments at stations.

Remote Monitoring: Lets operators remotely check charger status, perform updates, and conduct maintenance.

Data Analysis: Facilitates the collection and analysis of charging behavior and battery usage data, promoting collaboration with automakers.

Advertisement Broadcasting: Operators can generate revenue by broadcasting multimedia advertisements on the charging stations.

Video Cameras for Monitoring: Installation of video cameras supports remote monitoring and community crime prevention initiatives.

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Elevate Your Fleet

We provide end-to-end fleet solutions, offering comprehensive support for seamless EV integration into diverse fleet types. Our efficient and scalable approach promotes sustainability, cost savings, and operational efficiency across the board.

National EV offers tailored electric vehicle (EV) solutions for a diverse range of fleets, including:

  • Service Vehicles
  • Company Cars
  • Delivery Vans and Trucks
  • Government Vehicles
  • Rental Cars
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Construction Vehicles

Benefits of Having EV Charging
Stations for Your Dealership

Attract eco-friendly customers by adding electric vehicles (EVs) to your inventory

Distinguish your dealership with cutting-edge and sustainable transportation options, setting it apart from competitors.

Take advantage of potential government incentives and rebates available for promoting and selling electric vehicles.

Demonstrate your dealership’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the future of transportation, enhancing your overall brand image.

Electric vehicles often have lower operating costs, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious customers and potentially improving dealership margins.

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