EV Charging for Auto Dealerships

As the prevalence of electric vehicles continues to grow, more and more businesses are looking for ways to serve their EV-driving customers. One way to do this is by installing EV chargers.

National EV installs and manages software for chargers and delivers a turnkey EV charging solution that empowers business owners.

As electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to surge, it’s vital for automakers and dealerships to adapt to the trend and seize the opportunity presented by the widespread adoption of EVs. One way to do this is by incorporating EV charging capabilities, which can not only draw in EV customers but also bolster sustainability initiatives and amplify your brand through the charging experience.

Our advantage: Turnkey solutions including but not limited to Consulting, installations, software and charger management for businesses around the United States.

As the adoption of EVs continues to accelerate, it is important to update your dealerships accordingly.

Increase vehicle sales

Incorporating electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure into your dealership can appeal to both prospective and current EV drivers, potentially boosting your sales figures.

Adapt to business growth

Install a flexible EV charging infrastructure that can easily integrate with your current systems and accommodate additional charging stations as your EV business expands.

Build brand recognition

Promote your dealership by customizing charging stations with your logo and dealership advertisements,establishing your brand assynonymous with high-quality charging services.

We are a part of the Blue Oval Charge Network

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Chargers up to 360kw

National EV installs and manages software for chargers and delivers a turnkey EV charging solution that empowers business owners.

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Level 2 Wall chargers up to 80 amps

Ideal choice for dealerships and commercial EV charging, Optional wired/wireless connection for back office management, Optional RFID card reader for user identification and management, Input : 200Vac~240Vac , Stylish, ergonomic and customizable design, IP55 rated for indoor/outdoor applications, Firmware updates through remote connection, Charging interface: SAE J1772(Type 1) or IEC 62196-2(Type 2), OCPP 1.6 JSON

Applications: Highway gas / service station, Parking garage, Commercial fleet operators, EV infrastructure operators and service providers, EV dealer workshops

BLUEOVAL™ charge network capable

The Blue Oval Charge Network is an electric vehicle (EV) charging network established by Ford Motor Company to provide convenient and reliable charging solutions for Ford EV owners.