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Level 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers

For a quick and hassle-free charging experience, a Level 2 charging station is the the perfect choice. These stations are designed to be compatible with a 240V outlet and offer seamless solutions that don’t require 480v. Our Level 2 charging stations are available in various power levels, and offer different installation options, such as hardwired connections or various plug styles, to suit your needs.

Fully network capable with any EV software

Our EV charging solution encompasses a comprehensive set of software components, including a front-end mobile app and user interface (HMI), as well as a
back-end central office and cloud-based management, payment, and monitoring platforms. With the front-end mobile app, users can easily locate nearby charging stations, schedule charging sessions, and track the status of their charging process. The HMI interface on the charging stations themselves provides interactive charging instructions and supports a variety of payment methods.

The back-end central office and cloud-based management, payment, and monitoring system enable system operators to remotely monitor the overall status of individual EV chargers, update their software as needed, and facilitate ongoing maintenance and management. This system also enables operators to partner with automakers to collect and analyze big data related to charging behavior and battery usage. Additionally, operators can generate revenue by broadcasting multimedia advertisements on the charging stations and by installing video cameras for remote monitoring and community crime prevention.


Designed for Residential & Commercial EV charging
Wired/Wireless connection for Central Management System
Support for RFID Card and QR Code for User Authentication and Management
Input: 200Vac~240Vac
Modern, Ergonomic and Custom Design
Optional 5-inch LCD Display
NEMA 4 Rated for Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Charging Interface: SAE J1772 (Type 1)
OCPP 1.6 JSON (Upgradeable to 2.0)
ISO 15118 Protocol
Local Load Management, Making the Field Power Configuration Planning of Charging Stations More Flexible
Over the Air Technology

Applications: Parking Garages. Commercial Fleet Operators. EV Infrastructure Operators and Service Providers. EV Dealer Workshops. Gas/Service Stations.

Model Name AX80 Series
Safety UL Safety & EnergyStarTM
Power Specification
AC Input Input Rating
AC Input Connection
Input Current
AC Output Output Current
Output Power
Single-Phase/L, N. PE;L1,L2,PE/ 200~240Vac
Single-Phase/80A(max) (with AC breaker capacity selection)
19.2kW (240Vac*80A)
User Interface & Control
Display 5" LCD Display, LED Indicator
User Authentication RFID (Standard), ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B, Felica or Contactless NFC System (Optional)
Vehicle to Grid Communication
ISO 15118 (upgradeable via OTA)
Network Interface Ethernet + Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) (standard)
Ethernet + Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) +4G (optional)
Charge Protocol OCPP 1.6 JSON (upgradeable to 2.0)
Operating Temperature -30℃ +50℃ (-22℉ +122℉) Standard or
-20℃ to +50℃ (-4℉ +122℉) With External EMV Payment
Humidity <85% (RH), Non-Condensing @50℃(+122℉)
Altitude ≦ 2000m (6562ft)
Enclosure Protection (IK/IP Level) NEMA 4, IK08
Cooling Method Natural Cooling
Dimension(WxDxH) 295mm x 158mm x 505mm (11.61in x 6.22in x 19.88in)
Weight <13kg (28.66lbs)
Cable Length 5m (16.4ft) Standard
7.5m (24.6ft) with Optional Cable Management
Input Side UVP, OVP, Surge Protection, Ground Fault
Output Side OCP, Control Pilot Fault, Residual Current Protection
Protocol OTP, Relay Welding Detection, CCID Self-Test, MCU Function Fault Detection
Certification UL2594, UL2231-1/-2, CTEP, EnergyStarTM
Wireless Certification FCC/IC
Charging Interface SAEJ1772 Type 1 Plug

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As the adoption of EVs continues to accelerate, National EV leads the market with nationwide installation services, unlimited network capability and unlimited guidance and servicing of our EV models

Increase vehicle sales

Incorporating electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure into your dealership can appeal to both prospective and current EV drivers, potentially boosting your sales figures.

Adapt to business growth

Install a flexible EV charging infrastructure that can easily integrate with your current systems and accommodate additional charging stations as your EV business expands.

Build brand recognition

Promote your dealership by customizing charging stations with your logo and dealership advertisements,establishing your brand assynonymous with high-quality charging services.

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